Lifting Sling
Polyester Webbing Sling
Polyester Endless Webbing Sling
Polyester Round Sling
Lifting Components
Ratchets (for European market)
Ratchets (for American market)
Tow Strap
Fall protection
Safety Harness
Safety Belt

The Kesici Company has been dealing with the manufacturing, sales and marketing of Diamond Cutters for over 10 years. The company is disposing its products for sale in high quality and compatible prices, both in Turkish market and in international ones, through its harmonious operations in its departments.

   The Kesici Company, in addition to the sectors that it is directly concerned and it serves, is supplying both from domestic and foreign sources, spares, technical supplies for plants, hand tools, coupling elements etc. that are required by Turkish Armed Forces, Turkish Air Forces, by means of its special teams.

   Kesici Company is also manufacturing articulated clamps with rubber seal and bolts, that are used in the systems of pipelines that are not weldable.


   For further details on our lines of products, other available items and their prices, you may contact with Mr. SARUHAN ISGOR and Mr. SUREYYA ISGOR

   Awaiting for your orders, we hope ever promoting business.